Indoor Air Quality; Ventilation

Indoor Air Quality Ventilation

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Indoor Air Quality Ventilation

Indoor Air Quality VentilationResidential dwelling ventilation is often not properly considered at time of construction and is generally taken for granted as homes age. Every homeowner owes it to themselves to understand the basics of ventilation and how it effects our everyday lives. Every home breathes air like a big lung, over and over throughout each day, never stopping. Some air-flow is by design, some is through flaws and the rest through the natural aging and depreciation of the home. Exhaust vents, chimneys, eave vents and windows are examples of by design. Examples of flaws can be overlooking flues left opened, poor insulating or sealing of vents, wiring or plumbing and even caulking around windows or doors. As homes naturally settle, even the best carpentry and craftsman skills are overcome as cracks appear in walls in all types of building materials, even brick or stone.

If you would like an evaluation of your homes ventilation and get expert advice on how to improve it, just give us a call. Proper ventilation will enhancement overall indoor air quality.

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