Furnace & Heater Maintenance Services

Furnace & Heater Maintenance

In Lake Palestine, Jacksonville, Bullard, Flint, Frankston and Whitehouse, Texas

Furnace and Heater Maintenance

Furnace and Heater Maintenance

Furnace or Heater Maintenance

Area Wide AC & Heat provides resident and business owners in Lake Palestine, Jacksonville, Frankston, Whitehouse, Bullard and Flint, Texas with complete annual maintenance for their heating system. We service and maintain all makes and models of furnace and heat pump equipment and only use the highest quality replacement parts when needed.

All furnace and heat pump manufacturers require annual maintenance and we strongly suggest it to insure safety, efficiency, optimal performance and longevity. We offer maintenance service annually or on an as needed basis. We encourage joining our maintenance program and we will conveniently schedule your maintenance each year for you. This will save you money upfront as well as offer you discounts and priority dispatching on future services.

Please call our office to learn more. We are always here to help!

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Furnace & Heater Safety Check Up

Our Residential Furnace & Heater Safety Check Includes:

  1. Inspect Igniter for Defects
  2. Check Safety Limits
  3. Check High Temperature Limit
  4. Check Pressure Switch(s)
  5. Check Induced Draft Motor
  6. Check Heat Exchanger for Defects
  7. Check Gas Valve for Proper Operation
  8. Check Gas Pipe for Leaks, Code Violations, Gas Valve - Furnace
  9. Verify Proper Blower Operation and Amperage Draw
  10. Check Capacitor Microfarads
  11. Check for Proper Venting
  12. Precise Parts Per Million (PPM) Carbon Monoxide (CO) Test
  13. Check Equipment Connections for Air Leaks
  14. Inspect Ductwork for Proper Design
  15. Clean Furnace, Coil, Transition and Supply / Return Plenum
  16. Check High and Low Voltage Wiring to Furnace

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